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President Solih, VP Faisal meet Addu City Council and MPs

Nafaahath Ibrahim
19 November 2018, MVT 15:56
President Solih and VP Faisal meeting with Addu City council members and parliamentarians. PHOTO: TWITTER
Nafaahath Ibrahim
19 November 2018, MVT 15:56

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Vice President Faisal Naseem on Monday met with parliamentarians and council members of Addu City.

The meeting took place in the President's Office. It was the first official meeting of the newly inaugurated President and Vice President.

Although the development of Addu was discussed in this meeting, the President's Office did not reveal details.

Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam stated in a tweet that she does not doubt that the southernmost atoll of Maldives will be developed under President Solih's government.

This meeting came amidst criticism levied at the new president over the lack of inclusivity regarding Addu in his Cabinet. Some have expressed on social media, that as 67 percent of the votes from Addu was for the now ruling coalition, the atoll should be represented in the Cabinet.

However, others have defended the new Cabinet, stating that ministers do not have to be from a particular atoll.