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WAMCO employee suspended for defecating inside a house

Anaan Bushry
24 January 2023, MVT 17:32
WAMCO new waste management protocols in Male'
Anaan Bushry
24 January 2023, MVT 17:32

A Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) employee who defecated inside a house he entered to collect garbage, has been suspended.

He was suspended after a CCTV video of him acting strangely in an apartment building went viral on social media. He can be seen walking around uncomfortably, and a short while later, the video cuts to show faeces near an apartment entrance.

WAMCO said that it was brought to their attention that one of its employees had violated general social norms, and that the corporation will not tolerate such behaviours under any circumstances.

WAMCO expressed regret for the employee's behaviour. Additionally, they have guaranteed that an investigation into the incident has been initiated and that the employee has been reprimanded.

''We'll make sure that instances like these don't happen again," WAMCO assured in a statement.

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