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The Fari concept of life

The Fari concept of life Words: Ruby Amir

11 October 2021, MVT 14:54
Patina Maldives, Fari islands
11 October 2021, MVT 14:54

Fari Islands archipelago was introduced in Kaafu atoll recently with its interwoven three luxury resorts and a marina initiating a destination of creative connectivity. Patina Maldives is one of the featured resorts, shaping an impression or appearance of something unique as a patina is defined. A dreamy curation of evocative artwork by the likes of James Turrell is placed thoughtfully across the island roping in aesthetics with nature’s rhythm.

As you get closer to the resort, the sleek elevations of Studio MK27 designed villas above the water will set the vibe for the Patina journey. The studios are intended to enhance senses with the beautiful blending in of its architectural lines with the earthy, tropical tones of nature. The villas are ultra-modern, intentionally placed out to bring the utmost comfort, with partially open bathrooms amid native landscapes. The uninhibited nature of the water villas encircles a feeling of serenity with first-class views of the oceanic horizon.

The twelve dining concepts of Patina Maldives summon an original, crisp take on cuisines across continents, to bring an array of delectable flavours to soothe the most refined of appetites. From hip contemporary representations of the kitchen to gourmet at its elegancy, the food venture at Patina Maldives is a whole dimension to craft to individual cravings.

The essentialists of the resort will escort revellers throughout the stay at Patina, providing a content feeling of being well taken care of. The engaging experience of the stay will flow effortlessly with the gentle, warm service of the essentialists, ‘ the keepers of your journey.’ For the eco-conscious traveller, thought-provoking programmes can be taken part of, as the fragile, awe-full ecosystem of the Maldives can be observed.

The ‘flow’ of Patina is confined to accepting the present moment, in nurturing the mind and body with the holistic rituals of ancient philosophies. The ‘flow’ believes are structured around bringing the optimum health benefits with a mix of rejuvenation and play. Plant-based, gluten-free skin-care products are chosen by therapy specialists to pamper and soothe in a grounding environment that liberates. Patina Maldives is a journey of conscious well-being, a shared experience, among the artistry of Fari Islands, that stimulates.

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