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Maldives, India Visa deal to be implemented

Ahmed Aiham
12 February 2019, MVT 21:43
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih during his state visit to India in December 2018. PHOTO: PRAKASH SINGH/AFP
Ahmed Aiham
12 February 2019, MVT 21:43

The Agreement on Facilitation of Visa between Maldives and India, will enter into force starting from March 11, following the finalisation of all necessary legal formalities and the exchange of diplomatic notes between the countries on Tuesday.

A signing ceremony was held in the office of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's state visit to India. Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid signed the agreement on behalf of Maldives, while Shushma Swaraj signed on behalf of the Indian government.

Benefits from the new VISA agreement include:

- A 90-day visa will be issued for Maldivians travelling to India for medical, leisure or business related purposes. Such visas will be issued once per every 6-month period.

- If an individual visiting India on a tourist visa requires medical treatment, they can attain a medical visa without having to travel back to Maldives. In such cases, family members can apply for medical attendant visas.

- For long-term medical treatment in India, the Indian embassy located in Maldives may issue visas valid up to a one-year period. In such cases, two caretakers will be issued medical attendant visas.

- Multiple entry student visas will be issued to students for the duration of their chosen courses.

- Parents can qualify for multiple entry visas to visit their underage children studying in India.

- Dependent visas and elderly dependent visas will be issued to underage children or elderly parents of Maldivian students in India.

- In addition to elderly dependent visas, students carrying out research or pursuing higher education in India will be allowed to bring spouses on family visas.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid previously stated that the visa agreement is among the most lenient visa policies India has ever opted for and that it will ease difficulties faced by Maldivians travelling to India.