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Maldives records first child fatality of COVID-19

Lamya Abdulla
02 June 2021, MVT 14:06
Hulhumale graveyard: nine people have passed away in June so far.
Lamya Abdulla
02 June 2021, MVT 14:06

Health Protection Agency (HPA) announced the first child fatality of COVID-19 on Wednesday morning, making the death toll170.

The 170th fatality was a 10 year old Maldivian girl that had passed away minutes after midnight on Wednesday.

Health Ministry announces they are reviewing the case of the delayed ambulance

This case is currently being reviewed by the Health Ministry, as the family of the child has accused of delaying ambulance service. They called for an ambulance around 9pm in the evening, but failed to take her to ER till 11pm.

Her family has tested positive for COVID days before and were in home quarantine. She was in good health until her case suddenly became worse yesterday. Health Ministry has said they have reviewed and made changes to the way ambulances are deployed now.

Four more people had passed away yesterday as well. The 166th COVID-19 death was a 89 year old Maldivian woman that was declared dead in IGMH emergency room at nearly two in the afternoon. Later a 62 year old man and an 83 year old woman had passed away in Hulhumale’ Medical Facility. They were both Maldivian. They were the 167th and 168th COVID-19 death.

HPA had also said a 46 year old Maldivian woman admitted in Dharumavantha Hospital had passed away around eight in the evening of Tuesday as well. He was 169th COVID fatality of Maldives.

Maldives is currently seeing one of the worst COVID-19 waves since community spread was found in April 2020. In the month of May 2021, Maldives recorded 34,561 COVID-19 positives and 88 deaths, a record number of deaths in Maldives within a month. Previously, the month with the most COVID-19 deaths was February, 2021, at 10 deaths.

To control the spread of COVID-19 a lockdown was placed in the Greater Male’ Area on May 26. The number of positive cases have since been gradually decreasing, with a total of 768 people testing positive on Tuesday, according to HPA. Out of that, only 373 people were from the Greater Male’ Area.

At some points in May, over 1,500 people were testing positive on within 24 hour periods.