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Thailand implements visa exemption scheme for Maldives

Shahudha Mohamed
14 April 2019, MVT 16:38
A picture of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. PHOTO: GOOGLE
Shahudha Mohamed
14 April 2019, MVT 16:38

The government of Thailand implemented the visa exemption policy for Maldivians traveling to the country as tourists on Sunday.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the on-arrival visa will be granted for a period of 30 days. A certain set of documents are required to process the visa, including a passport valid for at least six months, Thailand Arrival Immigration Card, proof of funds of traveling as well as proof that the guest will be leaving Thailand within a 30-day period.

Tweet by Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid, regarding the visa exemption scheme granted by Thailand.

Additionally, those who wish to extend their duration of stay can do so, for a fee of THB 1,900, by applying for a 30-day extension at any of the Immigration offices in Thailand.

Foreigners that overstay in Thailand will be detained and may face punishment if caught. However, leaving the country as an overstaying foreigner without being caught will only result in a fine and possible ban from re-entering Thailand.

The fine for overstaying is TBH 500 per day, reaching a maximum fine of TBH 20,000 when overstaying 40 or more days.

An overstay of more than 90 days will result in a 1-year ban, and this ban will increase to three years for an overstay of more than one year, if caught at immigration while leaving Thailand.

Moreover, being caught outside of an international airport while overstaying can result in a 10-year ban for an overstay of more than one year.

Foreign Ministry revealed that under these new implementations, those granted visa exemption are eligible to enter Thailand without visa through border checkpoints only twice a year.