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Only a dozen MPs signed the no confidence motion: Nasheed

Lamya Abdulla
04 October 2022, MVT 21:43
(FILE) Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed speaking at the parliament on February 28, 2022: Nasheed stated that he had faith the majority of parliament members had confidence in him -- Photo: Parliament
Lamya Abdulla
04 October 2022, MVT 21:43

Maldives Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed said on Tuesday that only twelve parliament members had signed to submit a motion of no confidence against him.

He made this statement while presiding over a parliament session regarding his party, Maldives Democratic Party's (MDP), member's attempt to remove him from the position of Parliament Speaker. After Nasheed had made adultery accusations against President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, some MDP members had wished to take a no confidence vote against him.

Nasheed alleged today that it was Alifushi MP Mohamed Rasheed Hussain that had attempted to submit a no-confidence motion against him to the Parliament. Nasheed's displeasure has been directed towards Alifushi constituency's representative over political matters in the past as well.

"Around 12 MPs of this parliament also signed it. I am confirming to the other distinguished members that number of members that had signed (the motion) were 12. And I have a lot of confidence in the majority of this Parliament and the majority of MPs that have confidence in me," said Nasheed in Dhivehi, the local language.

Nasheed spoke about the no-confidence motion in response to a charge made by Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam regarding the disappearance of of a youth, who was found dead in Hulhumale'.

Shiyam said that the police did not even check an area of around 200 meters to find Azhan. He said that the police were very negligent in searching for him.

Shiyam also targeted the Commission on Deaths and Disappearances and the Asset Recovery Commission for criticizing the police for not obtaining justice. He accused that public money was "being consumed with zero results."

He said they have failed to carry out their duties, and that he believes the Parliament Speaker has been compromised as well.

Accusations were made stating that Minister of Economic Development and Chairperson of MDP Fayyaz Ismail held 42 signatures of MDP members against a no-confidence motion against him.

"Last night, an award was presented [for his service to the tourism sector]. "I don't know how you received it when President Yameen had not," Shiyam said.

Shiyam said that if things were to be reformed, they would have started within the parliament. Opposition MPs will support the reform by summoning institutions and ministers, he said.

After Shiyam was done, Nasheed replied that he has not been compromised in any manner. The accusation against MP Mohamed Rasheed Hussain was made after Shiyam's remarks stating Fayyaz had over 40 signatures to vote Nasheed out.

"I have never been compromised in this position, or in in any other position as well," said Nasheed.