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'Mihaaru' launches EURO 2024 score predictor with special prizes

The platform has over 30 prizes to win from, simply by predicting the match scores.

Ameera Osmanagic
15 June 2024, MVT 09:08
Mihaaru has launched a dedicated score prediction platform on its website for EURO 2024 with special prizes --
Ameera Osmanagic
15 June 2024, MVT 09:08

Mihaaru News has launched their Score Predictor with many special prizes for the UEFA European Football Championship 2024 (EURO 2024), which kicked off in Germany today.

Score Predictor is a platform that incorporates groups with special prizes offered by various companies for predicting match scores. Participants can enter all public groups to stand a chance to win prizes or create private groups for themselves.

Hassan Mahir, COO of Mihaaru News, said that the Score Predictor platform was launched to liven up the tradition of guessing match scores among families and friends and make it more competitive.

"The platform will allow families and friends to create separate private groups and predict scores. If they want to win a prize, [they] can enter the public groups created by our partners and stand a chance to win those prizes. [Our] hope is that many will participate, predict scores, and win the cool prizes offered by our partners," Hassan said.

Companies participating in the Score Predictor and their prizes

Sony Sports:

- First place: Reebok treadmill

- Second place: Voucher worth MVR 3,000

- Third place: Puma futsal shoes

MU Store:

- First place: Gift hamper worth MVR 5,000

- Second place: Gift hamper worth MVR 3,000

- Third place: Gift hamper worth MVR 1,500


- First place: Round trip to Dubai

- Second place: Dinner for four

- Third place: Dinner for two

Malé Optical:

- First place: Cash prize of MVR 3,000 and any glasses of choice from Malé Opticals

- Second place: Cash prize of MVR 2,000 and any glasses of choice from Malé Opticals

- Third place: Cash prize of MVR 1,000 and any glasses of choice from Malé Opticals

KYT Perfume:

- First place: KYT gift set

- Second place: KYT perfume (100ml)

- Third place: KYT perfume (50ml)

Damas Group:

- First place: Five foot 'PIANO' brand bed from Index Furniture

- Second Place: Two seater sofa from Index Furniture

- Third Place: Lutian pressure washer from Damas Hardware

Muni Homecare:

- First place: L shaped sofa

- Second place: Four seater dining set

- Third place: TV cabinet

ABS Furniture:

- Luxury motorised table

- KARA armchair

- Turkish rug

Plaza Online:

- First place: Rasasi Hawas Ice perfume bottle

- Second place: Rasasi Ice perfume bottle

- Third place: Rasasi Daarej perfume bottle

ELL Mobile:

- First place: Samsung Note 11 Pro Plus mobile phone

- Second place: Onyx Studio Bluetooth speaker

- Third place: Bicycle

The Score Predictor will start with groups from these companies, with more companies and their groups joining the platform with even more prizes in the coming days, revealed Mihaaru's marketing team.

Participants will be able to predict scores one hour before each match, and will be able to send in their guesses until the match begins.

The platform will be accessible on Mihaaru's website in the section dedicated to EURO 2024 coverage. This section will feature a special Score Predictor banner. By clicking on the banner, participants can register via their email addresses, Facebook, or X (formerly Twitter) accounts. After registering, participants will be able to enter all groups and submit their predictions for each match.

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