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Not concerned about others forming new party: Abdul Raheem

Mohamed Rehan
07 December 2023, MVT 15:52
Special Advisor to President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu and the Chairperson of PNC Abdul Raheem Abdulla-- Photo: Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
07 December 2023, MVT 15:52

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's Special Advisor and the Chairperson of ruling People's National Congress (PNC) Abdul Raheem Abdulla said he remains undeterred over the efforts by others currently working to form their own political party.

Abdul Raheem's comments have been directed at former President Abdulla Yameen, who recently exited from Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) as its leader to form his own party, People's National Front (PNF).

The PNC Chairperson made the remarks while speaking at the press conference held after the inauguration of the party's new office on Wednesday evening, December 6.

In response to media queries whether Yameen's PNF will pose as a sizeable challenge to the ruling coalition, Abdul Raheem said PNC would work tirelessly to secure majority of the parliamentary election.

"We are working to secure the super majority of the parliament in our efforts to sustain this government. We will work towards this goal with great spirit and vigour," Abdul Raheem, who is also the former Fonadhoo MP, said.

"Founding and running a political party is a right each citizen has, so we are not worried about some one else trying to form their own party. We are focused on securing the super majority for our coalition."

Abdul Raheem also responded to questions about whether PNC was losing members. He affirmed, to the contrary, that members were signing up for the coalition in droves.

When PNC became the ruling party on November 17, it had a total of 3,022 registered members. Abdul Raheem highlighted that the Elections Commission's registry showed that the party's membership has since grown exponentially.

"So, our coalition would not be challenged from the formation of any other party," Abdul Raheem added.

When the media highlighted that the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) enjoyed a super-majority in the parliament, Abdul Raheem explained the 'formula' the ruling coalition would employ to win the upcoming election despite potential contention from a new party.

Leadership of the PPM/PNC coalition addressing the media at the ceremony held on Wednesday evening to inaugurate the new office of PNC-- Photo: Mihaaru

"The formula is working tirelessly. To continue fulfilling our pledges to the people, for the public to bear witness to us fulfilling them, and for President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's administration to work closely with the people. With this formula, we will secure the majority of the parliament, God willing," Abdul Raheem said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by President Muizzu, who expressed confidence in the coalition securing a super-majority in the parliament, despite notable challenges on the horizon.

PNC's new office was established on the seventh floor of Sea Tracs Building in Maafannu, in front of Malé Commercial Harbor.