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Nasheed guarantees job opportunities for every Maldivian citizen

Shahudha Mohamed
02 April 2019, MVT 13:41
MDP's senior members discussing their vision of high employment rates during the agenda 19 rally held on Monday night. PHOTO: MDP TWITTER
Shahudha Mohamed
02 April 2019, MVT 13:41

Former President Mohamed Nasheed, contesting for Mahchangoalhi Central constituency in the upcoming parliamentary elections, guaranteed job opportunities for every Maldivian citizen on Monday night.

During a meeting held by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) to garner information about the target audience of the job centres promised under MDP's Agenda 19 campaign, Nasheed expressed concern about the high rates of unemployment in the country.

"We are headed towards 40 percent unemployment", Nasheed claimed.

Noting that it was a profound failure to have so many educated and skilled individuals who are unemployed, Nasheed announced that the job centres would pave the way for Maldives to reach full employment.

"Experts believe that a lack of one or two percent is still considered full employment", he stated, indicating that a 98 percent employment rate was achievable.

Moreover, Nasheed stated that the constitution will be amended to allocate an allowance for idle citizens as an incentive to actively seek employment.

"The list of people requiring this allowance will decrease over five years, and reach nil", the MDP leader assured.

Focusing on the high rates of unemployment in Maldives, the Agenda 19 rally hosted on Monday night discussed various solutions to create a more feasible environment for employment.

MDP proposed various amendments to the constitution to ensure more job opportunities for locals. This includes the establishment of job centres, preventing expatriate workers from being hired for professions if there was a local qualified for the post, and introducing an unemployment allowance.

The ruling coalition has reiterated on various occasions that securing a majority in parliament was necessary to implement changes for the betterment of the country.