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President Solih pledges airport, city hotel in Hoarafushi

01 April 2019, MVT 11:23
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (C) attends the MDP campaign gathering in HA.Hoarafushi. PHOTO/MDP
01 April 2019, MVT 11:23

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Sunday, announced the administration’s vision to expand tourism in the Hoarafushi constituency, by establishing an airport, conducting a reclamation project in Thuraakunu and developing a City Hotel in Uligamu.

The president reiterated his pledges while speaking at a campaign rally held to garner support for Ahmed Saleem, who is contesting for the Hoarafushi constituency on behalf of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

President Solih further noted that work was already underway on some of the aforementioned projects and announced that more developments would be scheduled.

“There were requests made by Hoarafushi constituents in the presidential elections. The biggest request was for the airport project to be changed to Hoarafushi. God willing, we have today complied in bringing the changes and work is now underway”, said President Solih.

President Solih's pledges for Hoarafushi:

- Establishment of an airport in Hoarafushi

- Tarring of Hoarafushi roads

- Converting the Health Centre to a hospital

- Reclamation of Thuraakanu

- Establishing water and sewerage system in Uligamu

- Preserving eroding regions

- Restarting the City Hotel project

- Reducing docking fees for yachts

According to President Solih, services will be expanded in the island beyond its current status quo. In addition to tarring its roads and the conversion of the health centre to a hospital, the president reiterated his oaths that a football turf ground will be constructed and a solution to challenges faced in housing would be found.

Moreover, the president said that the reclamation of Thuraakunu would begin this year, and that relevant surveys and designs have been completed.

He also claimed that projects to implement water and sewerage systems in Uligamu and preserving regions that are susceptible to erosion would be initiated within the year as well.

President Solih stated that work will resume on Uligamu City Hotel that has become decrepit since development was abandoned.

“With the establishment of an airport in Hoarafushi, local tourism would expand and Uligamu will become the island most suited for it”, said President Solih.

According to the President, one of the biggest complaints from the natives is the expensive fees to dock yachts. He assured that his administration would expedite reducing yacht fees.

Furthermore, President Solih noted that his administration had received votes from citizens in the presidential elections to bring about changes to the status quo, to stop corruption and theft, as brutality is non-compliant with Maldivian beliefs.

He stated that his administration pledged to bring about the changes as they had full confidence in their ability to do so, and that citizens would clearly see by the end of the administration’s first 100 days governance that the oaths were not made to be abandoned.

The President articulated that the administration marked 90 days with the fulfilment of 83 percent of the oaths made to be accomplished in 100 days. He highlighted that the work to complete the remaining 28 projects are already underway.

“Within the first 100 days of governance, many accomplishments were made to directly changes the lives of citizens”, said President Solih.

Moreover, the President said the citizens would only have to look at sectors such as fishing, agriculture, education and other rights that were previously deprived to observe the differences his administration has made.

Additionally, President Solih repeated that a majority win for MDP in the parliamentary elections is required to fulfil his oaths to citizens.

The President asserted his guarantee that Saleem’s full support would be received to accomplish the oaths, and called for constituents to vote in favour of Saleem.