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Injustice will return if coalition cannot secure majority: Maumoon

Shahudha Mohamed
30 March 2019, MVT 14:14
Faris maumoon Majlis election 2019 campaign / maumoon abdul gayoom
Shahudha Mohamed
30 March 2019, MVT 14:14

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom stated on Friday night that cruel and unjust rule will return should the ruling coalition fail to secure a majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Speaking at his son Faris Maumoon's the campaign rally for the Mahchangolhi South constituency, Maumoon referred to the administration of his brother former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, as a brutal government that the Maldivian people would not wish to relive.

"If parties from the ruling coalition do not secure a majority, injustice will return. Innocents will be jailed. People will lose their jobs. People will be forced out on the streets. People will lose their human rights. That is not what we want", Maumoon emphasized, speaking in the attendance of ministers representing Jumhooree Party (JP), Adhaalath Party (AP) as well as Maumoon's faction.

Noting that he did not wish for candidates hailing from parties outside of the coalition to be elected for any constituency, Maumoon affirmed his belief that only a majority in parliament would allow for this accomplishment of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's electoral pledges.

Additionally, Maumoon urged people to vote for independent candidates in support of the current government and who will uphold the coalition's own values. He also called on the public to vote in favour of all the candidates to whom he had offered an endorsement.

Maumoon referred to the previous administration as unjust over the jailing of Faris and himself, for an extended period of time on Yameen's orders, adding that his son was arrested on false allegations due to growing support amongst members of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

"These allegations were not proven because Faris never broke any laws", said Maumoon.

"However, Faris had to stay in jail for a long time due to the previous government's policies. I even went to stay with Faris in jail because I couldn't bear to see him there," he added, noting his own imprisonment 7 months and 23 days, despite in his words, being "completely innocent".

Speaking of his time in jail, Maumoon stated that although four medical professionals had provided documentation recommending his transfer to house arrest, Yameen's administration did not heed the advice.

"I am no longer young. There are certain health issues that follow old age. At the time, I suffered bouts of dizziness and it wasn't safe for me to be alone. Four doctors provided documentation recommending that I be transferred home, saying that I should be with my family", said Maumoon, who was arrested on terrorism charges in 2017 after Yameen's government issued a state of emergency.

"Yet, who saw those documents? Who cared? Nothing happened. I had to remain where I was."

Stating that Maldivians wished for a peaceful road to progress and an amicable society, Maumoon reiterated several times that in order to establish an environment that guaranteed the happiness of all, he believed it necessary that the ruling coalition secures a majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections.