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Ex-Chairperson sets out to rescue 'hijacked' MDP

Mohamed Visham
20 September 2016, MVT 13:57
Former MDP chairperson pictured during a party rally. MDP FILE PHOTO/MAUROOF KHALEEL
Mohamed Visham
20 September 2016, MVT 13:57

Former main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) chairperson Moosa Manik has initiated a reform program accusing former president Mohamed Nasheed of 'hijacking' the party.

Manik who serves as the deputy parliament speaker has teamed up with former top MDP officials to "bring the party back on track."

Manik insisted that the reform program will pursue legal means pointing out that Nasheed has gotten rid off anyone who opposed him.

"I'm Nasheed's fifth victim. Party is not functioning according to its charter. There is no legitimate leadership in the party at present. Party funds are also being misused," Manik added.

According to Manik, he will first request MDP for fresh elections. If the party ignores the request, the Hulhu-Henveiru MP is willing to take the matter to the elections commission.

"If the elections commission fails to act, then I will even take it to court," he said.

Manik was dismissed from the party for breaking a party whip line during a parliamentary vote. However, the elections commission had later reversed the decision.

He also took a jab at the recently formed opposition coalition led by Nasheed and MDP.

"MDP stands to suffer by joining MUO [Maldives United Opposition]. So we need to reform the party before the 2018 presidential elections," he insisted.