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Paramotor expedition concludes in Faafu Atoll

14 March 2019, MVT 22:33
An aerial photograph showing a pilot paramotoring over a lagoon. PHOTO: SKY GUYS
14 March 2019, MVT 22:33

The first paramotor expedition intended to cross the entire Maldivian archipelago came to an abrupt conclusion on Wednesday in Faafu Atoll.

The ‘Maldives Paramotors 2019’ event was organised by local firm Sky Guys Pvt Ltd, along with local telecom giant Dhiraagu as the official sponsor.

The journey began on March 2 from the northernmost point in Maldives, Thuraakunu in Haa Alifu Atoll, intended to come to a natural end in Addu City by the following Friday. However, due to unforeseen changes in wind direction, it was decided that the event would conclude in Faafu Atoll, having travelled approximately halfway across the nation.

Managing Director of wind sport organising company Sky Guys, Javid Hussain, revealed that the expedition began with a team of 10 foreign pilots and had covered a distance of 1360 kilometres. Javid added that despite facing a hitch in plans, the expedition was a unique experience for the team, expressing his belief that 'Maldives Paramotors 2019' concluded successfully.

The team of paramotor pilots consisted of former winners hailing from various international paramotor competitions including pilots from countries such as the United Kingdom, Oman and South Africa.

“Whilst considering crossing the Huvadhu sea, we observed that the wind had changed drastically. So we ended [the journey] in Faafu Atoll,” said Javid.

The closing ceremony is set to take place late evening on Friday at the Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi Resort.

According to Javid, Maldives Paramotors 2019 successfully achieved its goals of raising awareness about the dangers posed by single-use plastics as well as promoting guest house tourism.

Paramotoring is a form of aviation during which pilots wear motors on their backs, thus providing enough thrust for the paraglider take off into the air.