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No favouritism in diplomatic relations: Minster Shahid

14 March 2019, MVT 09:52
Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid. PHOTO: FOREIGN MINISTRY
14 March 2019, MVT 09:52

Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid, on Tuesday, stated that Maldives does not have preferential policies to favour relationships with any individual countries.

Speaking at Television Maldives (TVM)’s program 'Raajje Miadhu', Minister Shahid noted that Maldives, within recent years, has isolated from the international community and received unwarranted enmity.

The Minister added that at the time Maldives’ name was defamed as a country that did not obey international policies and the biggest challenge is to regain trust.

“We have worked to regain Maldives its well earned honour and dignity, and I am pleased to inform that over the course of the past three months we have been receiving the successes desired,” said Minister Shahid.

Responding to allegations made by the opposition parties that Maldives has become too dependant on India, Minister said stated that India is not the only country Maldives receive aid from. He went on to clarify that the administration does not have policies to negate or enhance relations with any specific countries.

“However, we must acknowledge and accept our geographic circumstances. The current administration will always take the necessary measures to secure tranquillity for its citizens,” said Minister Shahid.

According to Minister Shahid, the highest level of peace for Maldives is its independence and sovereignty, and he assured that no action to compromise either would be taken by the administration including in foreign policy,

Moreover, Minister Shahid asserted that the government's efforts to maintain and enhance relations with India was in Maldivian’s best interest.

During former President Abdulla Yameen Abdulla Gayoom’s administration, relations between Maldives and India deteriorated, with Maldives becoming heavily reliant on Chinese aid.