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Male' City Council announces plans to build four-storey market

12 March 2019, MVT 20:55
12 March 2019, MVT 20:55

Male’ City Council, on Monday, announced plans to construct a four storey market in the capital city of Male’.

During a meeting with the residents of the capital, Male’ Mayor Shifa Mohamed stated that the market would be constructed at the site where the Travellers’ Market is currently located.

The complex, set to be equipped with modern facilities such as elevators, is intended to provide convenient access to citizens of Male'.

Currently, the Travellers’ Market only has the capacity to cater to 42,000 people, a mere fraction of the city's population. During weekends and especially the month of Ramadan, the limited space is jam-packed with customers.

“Citizens are unable to receive the best services due to a lack of facilities, and we are building the new market to resolve this issue. We have met with all related parties regarding the construction of the market”, stated Mayor Shifa.

Male’ City Council has not yet announced when the project will commence.

Additionally, the Mayor revealed plans to establish a market and a fish factory in Villimale’, the island suburb of Male’ C.ity

In the meeting, Shifa also disclosed that several services currently provided by Housing Development Corporation Ltd in the reclaimed suburb of Hulhumale’ would soon be transferred under the Male’ City Council.

The new council office being built in Hulhumale’ will be tasked with the improvement of municipal matters and transportation facilities on the island.