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MP Haleel fires back over controversial flat distribution to 37 relatives

Ahmed Aiham
07 March 2019, MVT 11:22
Former Secretary General of Progressive Party of Maldives and Nilandhoo MP Dr Abdulla Haleel. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
07 March 2019, MVT 11:22

MP Haleel claims that he did not exert undue influence during the selection process for the social housing 'Hiyaa Project' after it surfaced that a dozen of his relatives received flats

According to the statement released by the MP, as he belongs to a large family from Nilandhoo, out of 44 flats issued to people from the island, 37 are related to him.

MP Haleel stated that a local from Nilandhoo, had exaggerated when giving information to local media, in order to tarnish his reputation.

Moreover, the lawmaker claimed that he never utilized his influence over matters and that his relatives received the flats as they met the requirements for it.

The Nilandhoo representative stated that the current administration, following a just investigation, would omit the names of those who have been found to fall below the criteria.

The individuals include the MP Haleel's siblings as well as their respective spouses, and the wife of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)'s former Secretary General. In some cases, both partners had received housing units.

In one case, the parliamentarian's sister-in-law received a housing unit although her spouse was already awarded a housing unit through the Maldives Police Service housing programme.

The lawmaker stated that the individuals with familial connections to him had applied to categories including doctors, nurses, teachers and first-time marriages and that every single applicant had successfully received the housing units due to the low number of applications.

Responding to the MP's sister-in-law receiving a housing unit although her spouse was already awarded a housing unit through the Maldives Police Service housing programme, the parliamentarian stated that his sibling had already released the police flat back to the institution.

Furthermore, he revealed that the police flat was awarded to his brother during former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's tenure.

The MP conveyed that the connections to him do not negate the rights of his relatives to seek housing or otherwise.

MP Haleel strongly condemned journalists for the possible psychological damages to families by publishing the articles in relation to information published to tarnish his reputation.