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‘Kobaa Saafu’ campaign goes viral across Maldives

19 February 2019, MVT 11:07
'Kobaa Saafu' campaign held at Kanditheemu, Shaviyani Atoll. PHOTO: FILE PHOTO/MIHAARU
19 February 2019, MVT 11:07

The clean-up campaign, 'Kobaa Saafu', which started in the reclaimed suburb of Hulhumale’, has gained momentum and spread over to more than 50 islands in Maldives.

A team of dedicated individuals began the collection of plastic bottles, cans, cement bags, electrical wires and ‘supari’ packets in Hulhumale’.

They led the movement with slogans such as “Don’t pollute the land and ocean with plastic”, “For the cleanliness of our country for eternity”, and “Let’s make Maldives an environmental friendly nation”.

People who collected bags full of rubbish gained the status; “I cleaned up”.

The President of the Youth Organisation in Maldives and independent candidate for Hulhumale’ constituency, Hassan Shaheed, initiated the movement after challenging his friends to donate to the cause. The challenge spread across Maldives after it went viral in social media.

On February 19, a massive clean-up movement took place across Maldives. Shaheed expressed his gratitude, especially towards the youth who contributed to the cause.

Furthermore, Shaheed told local media Mihaaru that he began the movement after challenging five of his friends. After completing the challenge, his friends challenged more people, subsequently propagating the movement across the nation.

“People from more than 50 islands have collected over 10 tonnes of plastic,” said Shaheed. “In the near future, more islands have been planned for clean ups. This is truly a great accomplishment for Maldives.”

Moreover, Shaheed stated his purpose was to uphold the Maldivian tradition and to make Maldives an environmental friendly nation.

“I believe that each island should be cleaned up by its own people. For a better future, Maldivians must work for it ourselves”.

In addition, Shaheed stated that he always hoped to create a Maldivian society that would be carry able out their civic duties.

“It’s my dream to make Maldives a plastic free nation".