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Defence Minister Mariya to be summoned to parliament

11 February 2019, MVT 16:04
Minister of Defence Mariya Ahmed Didi during the Strategic News International (SNI) interview. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB / SNI
11 February 2019, MVT 16:04

Parliament member of Mahibadhoo constituency Ahmed Thoriq (Tom) submitted a case to summon Minister of Defence Mariya Ahmed Didi to parliament, regarding some of the comments made by her to an Indian media outlet.

In his submission, Thoriq wrote that one of the biggest responsibilities bestowed on the Defence Minister by the constitution and the Armed Forces Act is to defend and protect the freedom and sovereignty of the state.

The Mahibadhoo MP further detailed that it was Minister Mariya’s responsibility to maintain the integrity and virtue of the state, and protecting the coasts and oceanic territory surrounding the Maldives.

Therefore, Thoriq questioned the Defence Minister’s ability to fulfil her duties, highlighting the comments Minister Mariya had made while in a position that requires her to defend the country at all times.

In an interview given to Indian media outlet, Strategic News International (SNI), Mariya stated that even though India has no thought to invade Maldives, they possessed the capability to do so. She complimented the Indian military, emphasizing the strength of their military forces.

The Defence Minister has been on the receiving end of harsh criticism ever since her comments to SNI were made public. Some argue that such implications cannot be made by an individual occupying a ministerial position in the government. Demands for a formal apology from the Minister has been voiced by many, and some have even called for Mariya’s resignation.