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Government aborts Hankede development plan after 13 years

02 February 2019, MVT 09:28
An aerial photograph of the Suvadive Highway. PHOTO/ASAD
02 February 2019, MVT 09:28

The Ministry of Tourism, on Thursday, announced its decision to abandon development plans for Hankede in Addu Atoll after 13 years.

The development project was initially assigned to Fuvahmulah based Thoondu Private Limited in 2005. The company agreed to build a city hotel comprised of 100-200 beds within 18 months after commencing construction.

The project was revoked from Thoondu after it failed to carry out the construction as agreed. A fine of USD 2,500 was also levied on the company.

The development of Hankede was later awarded in 2008 to Half Degree Maldives Private Limited which also constructed a sample room in the region.

However, Half Degree also abandoned the project.

The project was them handed to Singapore real estate company Crescendas Group in 2013. The company revealed the blueprint of the project to media outlets presenting their plan to transform the island to a 4-5 star resort.

The Tourism Ministry made the decision to abandon the project after receiving several complaints regarding the island from citizens of Addu Atoll.

Hankede is located North of Maradhoo and the South of Hithadhoo in Addu Atoll.

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