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Elections Commission sets deadline for parliamentary election applications

29 January 2019, MVT 17:38
29 January 2019, MVT 17:38

Elections Commission (EC) revealed on Tuesday that the deadline to submit candidacy applications for the upcoming Parliamentary Election is February 21.

Although EC had opened candidacy applications for the April 6 elections in a reception held at Hotel Jen on Monday night, the deadline was not announced at the time.

Application forms to contest in the elections is available online at EC's official website.

Applicants are required to pay MVR 5,000, while independent candidates are also to submit 50 signatures from their constituency.

Meanwhile, political parties have commenced the process of selecting candidates for the elections. The majority of candidates are by the governing coalition’s largest member, Maldivian Democratic Party, which has already concluded its primaries.

The EC's President Ahmed Shareef has assured that the election would be transparent, just and in accordance with the people’s needs.