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'I hold no grudges': ex-defence minister Nazim

Mariyam Malsa
29 January 2019, MVT 17:48
Former Minister of Defence Mohamed Nazim. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI/ MIHAARU
Mariyam Malsa
29 January 2019, MVT 17:48

Former Minister of Defence Mohamed Nazim publicly forgave his political enemies, while speaking during a program broadcasted on local media station VTV on January 27.

Nazim, who had been given an 11-year jail sentence over illegal weapons possession, assured that he has put aside memories of the injustice. The former defence minister had been convicted after a pistol and three bullets were discovered in his residence in January 2015. He had spent more than three years in detention.

Although the former minister expressed his belief that holding grudges was not the way forward, Nazim also maintained that those guilty of committing crimes should be given due punishment.

Nazim reiterated that all accusations against him were false and that the case had been engineered by former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb and previous Police Commissioner Hussain Waheed.

The Supreme Court has affirmed that the presence of Adeeb's DNA on the pistol instead of Nazim's, served as further proof strengthening the claim that Nazim had been framed. The Supreme court overturned Nazim's jail sentence on December 14, 2018, due to a lack of sufficient evidence tying him to the firearm.

Furthermore, Adeeb had also expressed his willingness to give his statement in Nazim’s defence at court.

In response to a question posed by the TV presenter whether his forgiveness extended to former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, Nazim reiterated his statements.

Nazim also spoke of former Acting Police Commissioner Abdulla Nawaz, stating that he had suffered along with many others who were subjected to unjust practices during his tenure.

While speaking on air, Nazim also stressed the need for Maldives Police Service to maintain its trust and reputation within the public. He claimed that the officers' behaviour on the date they searched his residence was unacceptable.

Nazim's lawyer has claimed that the backpack containing the pistol and bullets was planted in his residence by the officers that searched Nazim’s house.

Meanwhile, the police have also announced its decision to review Nazim's case.