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President Solih will remain steadfast despite attempts to create strife: Qasim

Ahmed Aiham
22 January 2019, MVT 20:54
Speaker of Parliament Qasim Ibrahim with ruling Coalition leaders. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
22 January 2019, MVT 20:54

Business tycoon and Parliament Speaker, Qasim Ibrahim, extended his guarantee that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will remain steadfast despite some individuals' efforts to create political strife and discord within the ruling coalition.

In the ceremony where former Minister of Youth Iruthisam Adam signed onto Jumhooree Party (JP) on Monday, JP Leader Qasim refuted the rumours of the party attempting to initiate a vote of impeachment against the President.

Further addressing the rumours, Qasim stated that the party still remains with the ruling coalition.

However, Qasim expressed his indirect discontentment at Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s Leader and former President Mohamed Nasheed, claiming that his actions appear to create confusion over who was the true elected President of the country.

Moreover, Qasim claimed that seeking the parliament's majority was an act of greed, and should JP be "kicked out onto the street", he would "start discussions" with other parties.

The Parliament Speaker denied the rumours of having met with certain individuals but expressed his intent to do so, should the political climate force his hand.

Qasim iterated that the coalition must aim to usher in advancements to the nation and that giving in to controversy each time will not benefit the country.