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Case of missing journalist will be solved: Suood

Ahmed Aiham
14 January 2019, MVT 09:31
Disappeared journalist Ahmed RIlwan's mother during the 2018 'Suvaalu March'. PHOTO: SHAARI / THINVANA LOA
Ahmed Aiham
14 January 2019, MVT 09:31

President of the Commission on Investigation of Murders and Enforced Disappearances Husnu al-Suood, guaranteed that the commission will solve the case of missing journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

Husnu Al-Suood expresses his confidene in solving the mysterious disappearance of journalist Ahmed Rilwan. PHOTO: TWITTER

Rilwan disappeared on August 8, 2014. Although it has been almost five years since his disappearance, investigative bodies have yet to make significant leeway into Rilwan's case.

In addition to Rilwan, the murder of Dr. Arasheem Ali and blogger Yameen Rasheed is currently under investigation by the commission.

Moreover, the commission noted that these three cases were connected.

Criminal Court failed to convict the two suspects alleged with kidnapping Rilwan due to lack of evidence, in 2018.

The commission will probe a total of 24 cold cases and will utilize the aid of foreign experts.

January 14 marks 1620 days since Rilwan's disappearance and 631 days since Yameen was brutally murdered.