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One critical after Addu gang fight to be airlifted to Male

Mohamed Visham
12 June 2016, MVT 14:01
One of the young men injured in the gang fight in Hithadhoo on Saturday night being treated at the Hithadhoo Regional Hospital.
Mohamed Visham
12 June 2016, MVT 14:01

Hospital officials in the southernmost Atoll Addu are trying to airlift one of the men in critical condition after Saturday night's gang violence.

A Hithadhoo Regional Hospital official said out of the five men brought in on Saturday night two remain in intensive care while the other three have been charged.

According to the official the man in critical condition had suffered head trauma while the other had been stabbed with a razor blade.

"The victim with the back wound is slowly recovering. But the victim who had suffered head trauma needs a CT scan. So we are trying to send him to Male this afternoon," official detailed.

"His condition is also now stable."

Police have arrested four men in connection to the violence which erupted between two rival gangs in Hithadhoo island around midnight Saturday.