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42 accidents reported on Sinamalé Bridge: Police

19 December 2018, MVT 13:15
A wrecked motorcyle in the wake of an accident on the Sinamale Bridge. FILE PHOTO/MIHAARU
19 December 2018, MVT 13:15

Police revealed Wednesday that a total of 42 accidents that occurred on the landmark Sinamalé Bridge and the highway connected to it, have been reported.

According to local media Mihaaru, Police revealed that the most number of accidents were reported in September, when the Sinamalé Bridge was inaugurated.

Statistics show that 15 accidents were reported in September, followed by 12 accidents in both October and November each. So far, three accidents have been reported for the currently ongoing month of December.

However, this is not an accurate representation of the total number of accidents that have occurred on the Sinamalé Bridge till date, as parties involved in most accidents typically resolve the issue amongst themselves without involving the authorities. Such incidents are not recorded in the Police database.

Speaking to Mihaaru, Chief Station Inspector Mohamed Hassan, who was in-charge of the Bridge and Highway Unit last Sunday, highlighted that the reason behind most of the accidents is speeding.

He mentioned that speed-breakers would be installed on the highway connected to the bridge in an attempt to slow the traffic.

Furthermore, he stated that protective measures are being put in place to ensure the safety of citizens. He also emphasized that driving speeds should be reduced in some form, as that is the only way to significantly reduce the number of accidents.

Hassan mentioned that Maldives Police Service would barricade the highway until speed breakers could be installed, as an immediate attempt to discourage drivers from speeding.