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Extra Extra! The Edition is growing, and looking for talented writers

19 December 2018, MVT 11:10
The Edition has opened for applications to fill the positions of Senior Journalist and Journalist-In-Training. IMAGE: MIHUSAN ABDUL GANEE / THE EDITION
19 December 2018, MVT 11:10

The Edition, Mihaaru Media Family’s first ever dedicated daily English Newspaper featuring original news, reports and features specially curated for the English-preferred demographics, has opened for applications to fill the positions of Senior Journalist and Journalist-In-Training.

As Senior Journalists, the company is seeking journalists who have worked in news for 3 - 5 years, though applicants from different fields who have professional writing experience may also apply.

Interested individuals may send their curriculum vitae as well as their literary portfolio (including at least two pieces of English writing) to

Candidates must demonstrate excellent linguistic skills in producing as well as editing work in addition to managing their own sources and following leads. 

Being a close-knit and jovial team, the newsroom is looking for writers that have a positive attitude towards learning, and the ability to adjust and coexist among different personalities.

Senior Journalists are responsible for writing quality news pieces in a timely fashion, under the guidance and directive of the Editor. However, as it is a senior position, the applicants are encouraged to present outstanding leadership and interpersonal skills, in both helping manage and assist the junior team.

For the position of Journalist-In-Training (JIT), the newsroom is hoping to acquire individuals with journalistic aspirations that demonstrate a talent for linguistics and creative flair.

Editorial states that while a background in journalism or news writing is not required for JIT’s, candidates must be willing to attend press events, learn to acquire ledes and develop a skill for maintaining sources.

It is also mandatory that one is a team player; confident and willing to expand their knowledge, possessing a genuine interest in current affairs, travel, business and entertainment across the Maldives. Those interested may email the aforementioned address.

Being a journalist frequently involves attending events, press conferences and the ability to travel as well, especially for The Edition’s segments such as ‘Isle Be Visiting’ and hotel or restaurant reviews. Hence, a little wanderlust will go a long way, for both positions!

According to Editor Rae Munavvar, "We follow a philosophy of conscious, conscientious communication, disseminating important news and balancing it out as best represents the interest of our society."

"We encourage our journalists to break out of what is the norm and challenge the system, pushing them to venture across the archipelago and really discover what matters to Maldives. After all, we have a duty to use our 'voices' to serve those unheard".

'The Edition' was launched in May 2018 as an independent all-English online news source. PHOTO: MIHAARU

Since the news source launched in May 2018, The Edition has welcomed a number of internships, and as it continues to grow, the company expresses hopes to welcome more young enthusiasts into the field of Journalism and provide training and education to produce quality Maldivian journalists, specializing in English news.

As such, The Edition provides opportunities that allow journalists to grow and flourish as writers and reporters. Crash-courses in subjects such as Media Law, Ethics & Journalism, Photography and Video Editing are offered on a monthly basis, to ensure that the team stays up to date on the latest aspects of media and communication. The organization also offers travel opportunities, as well as training and scholarships, to its bravest and brightest stars.

Comprising of the largest collective of award winning, seasoned journalists and equally promising young writers, Mihaaru, Dho and The Edition strive to continually bring to their readers the epitome of news and lifestyle journalism in the Maldives.

Working for any publication within the Mihaaru Media Family has proven to be an opportunity to get noticed amongst the Maldivian ‘literati’ and has nourished the careers of many writers towards becoming some of the most celebrated journalists in the Maldives.