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Judiciary must be made free and fair: Chief Justice

Ahmed Aiham
11 December 2018, MVT 09:16
Chief Justice Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
11 December 2018, MVT 09:16

Chief Justice Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi stated his aim to sustain the judicial sector to be free and fair, without the influence of corruption.

Speaking at an event marking the anti-corruption day on Sunday, the top judge stated that the judiciary plays an important role in ridding the country of corruption.

He added that while the judiciary is what guarantees the fundamental human rights, it is his goal to ensure that the judicial process remains just.

"Our goal is to structure the work of the Judicial sector, to establish fairness, with impartiality," said the Chief Justice.

Further, the Chief Justice stated, to eliminate corruption, it is vital that citizens remain steadfast in exercising their civic and social responsibilities.

The Chief Justice stated that in order to stop corruption, anti-corruption watchdogs must be empowered, state institutions strengthened and that the creation and implementation of policies that do not hinder economic activities was necessary.

According to the World Bank statistics, the revenue generated from countries where corruption runs rampant is three times lower than countries identified as being relatively corruption-free.

Chief Justice Dr. Didi also noted that the influence of corruption impacts the authority wielded by state institutions that are responsible for upholding the law, thus leaving the administrations responsible for sustaining the state weak and powerless.