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Recruitment process of doctors and nurses to be reformed

Jaah Ziyad
05 December 2018, MVT 19:59
Health Minister Abdulla Ameen visits IGMH. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Jaah Ziyad
05 December 2018, MVT 19:59

Minister of Health Abdulla Ameen on Wednesday stated that the recruitment process of new doctors and nurses needs to be reformed.

At a press conference regarding the promises made by the government for the first 100 days, the minister claimed that there were several issues with provision of licenses in the health sector.

Maldives has been recruiting foreign doctors and nurses through private agencies thereby resulting in the approval of unqualified labour within the health sector according to Ameen.

“We will be introducing and implementing new policies. We will also change the standards of the recruitment process of doctors and nurses.

As a result of recruiting labour through the private sector, there has been issues, especially on checking the qualifications of nurses, said Ameen.

“We will completely change the recruitment process which will allow the quality of the health sector to improve drastically.”

Furthermore, he stated that there has been a notice for the recruitment of 500 nurses, urging all the local nurses to apply for these positions.

Minister pronounced that he will work to increase the benefits of the nurses that will improve the quality of health services in Maldives.

Minister Ameen also mentioned that the goal of the ministry is to convert the health sector into a trustworthy department and they will begin by concentrating on training the employees within the sector.

The health sector goals for the first 100 days announced by the government: - Ambulance service in all the islands - Proper emergency care - Mental health support which will be covered by ‘Aasandha’ - Solving the health issues in all the atolls - Better quality medicine - A centre for ‘Dhivehi Beys’ or traditional medicine

In addition, proper health care will be provided to the islands where tourism has flourished, according to the minister.

The minister has been trying to solve customer complaints regarding the state hospital IGMH. He said that details on IGMH will be revealed soon.