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New immigration law presented to parliament

29 November 2018, MVT 22:19
A parliament sitting. PHOTO: Parliament Secretariat
29 November 2018, MVT 22:19

West Henveyru parliament member, Moosa Manik, on Wednesday presented the details of the heavily trailed new immigration law to the Parliament. The bill proposes harsh punishment on foreign workers who tend to leave their employers without their approval in order to find work elsewhere. In addition, the bill suggests that an expatriate loses the power to change their workplace unless their contract has not expired. Furthermore, if foreign workers fail to meet the demands of the bill, they will be jailed for a year or fined between MVR 500,000 to MVR 1 million. The vice president of the Parliament, Moosa Manik, further stressed on the problem of illegal immigrants. He insisted on the availability of cheap labour and poor quality as a result, thus the loss of Maldivian jobs. Moosa stated that the employers of the foreign workers suffer financially if the workers tend to abandon their contract in search for higher paid jobs. As a result, he believes if the bill passes, it will improve the economic standards of the country paving way for a better future. The bill will start to work after the government sets a certain date.