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Undecided on distribution of parliament seats: Nasheed

Ahmed Aiham
21 November 2018, MVT 15:16
Former President Mohamed Nasheed (L) watches on as Ihavandhoo MP Mohamed Abdulla signs document to join MDP. PHOTO/MDP
Ahmed Aiham
21 November 2018, MVT 15:16

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has revealed that the ruling coalition is yet to decide on the distribution of parliamentary seats within the alliance.

During Ihavandhoo MP Mohamed Abdulla's handover of documents to join Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), the largest party in the ruling coalition, at Nasheed's residence on Tuesday, the former president stated that coalition has held discussions regarding the matter.

"Although, the answer to which seat will be contested by which party is left without an answer..." said Nasheed cryptically.

He noted that since the implementation of the 2008 Constitution, MDP has contested for every constituency, adding that it is the members' greatest wish to secure as many seats as possible during the parliamentary elections slated for March 2019.

"With God's will, we shall secure a considerable victory during the upcoming parliamentary elections," stated Nasheed.

He added that those who wish to contest through an MDP ticket must do so after contesting in MDP's primary election.

An agreement was drafted between MDP, Jumhooree Party, Adhaalath Party, and former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's for the presidential elections held on September 23. Although Gayoom is yet to sign the agreement, all of the involved parties have agreed to cooperate for the parliament and council elections.