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I read 'Mihaaru' to find out the truth or verify news: President-Elect Solih

Nafaahath Ibrahim
25 October 2018, MVT 19:59
President Elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih posing for a picture with Mihaaru media staff. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED / MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
25 October 2018, MVT 19:59

President-Elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih visited members of the Mihaaru media family on Thursday, including The Edition team. The Edition is a sister publication to local news Mihaaru and entertainment magazine DHO.

During the visit, President-elect Solih snapped a few photographs with the team and individual staff members, before and after addressing the staff of Mihaaru media family.

President-Elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih snaps a few 'selfies' with the staff of Mihaaru Media Family. PHOTO: MIHAARU

Speaking to the media family, Solih thanked all contributing team members for their roles in ensuring that trustworthy information is delivered to the public.

Encouraging Mihaaru media family to continue the company's efforts in delivering news to the public, Solih urged the journalists to bring people's concerns about the state to light during his government as well.

Noting that the media family, particularly Mihaaru News, has a long history behind it, Solih highlighted that the management team behind the newspaper are experienced and responsible journalists.

President-Elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih addresses the staff of Mihaaru Media Family. PHOTO: MIHAARU

Praising the newspaper, the president-elect expressed his opinion that Mihaaru is the most honest and responsible newspaper in the country.

"To find out the truth about something or when some news is spreading around Male', to find out the truth I refer to Mihaaru newspaper. I make a decision [on the news] after checking Mihaaru," said President-Elect Solih.

"In particular, I applaud the investigative journalism practised within this media family".

Concluding his speech, Solih assured the team that he would pave way for independent press freedom during his presidency.

Editor in Chief of Mihaaru Moosa Latheef offered hearty congratulations to the President-Elect for his win, expressing gratitude for the close relationship Solih maintains with the press.

"Mihaaru's policy is to be a neutral newspaper," asserted Latheef, ending his sentiments with hopes to continue reporting the truth and serving the Maldivian people.

All heads of departments leading Mihaaru, Dho and The Edition, sat with President-Elect Solih for a brief discussion. PHOTO: MIHAARU

Vaail Zahir Hussain, the Executive Director of Mihaaru and associated media, along with all heads of departments leading Mihaaru, Dho and The Edition, sat with President-Elect Solih for a brief discussion on various issues related to the media and communication industry, press freedom and the future of journalism.

In his closing, Editor Latheef noted that this marks the first time a president or president-elect has met with individual news media outlets and heard their concerns with such diligence.

The President-Elect has been meeting with various local media outlets since his electoral win on September 23.