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Pres-Elect Solih calls on Pres Yameen to consider fate of Maldivians and accept defeat

Rae Munavvar
14 October 2018, MVT 09:52
Opposition Celebration-MDP-Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu)
Rae Munavvar
14 October 2018, MVT 09:52

President-Elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih cautioned outgoing President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom against pursuing the incumbent’s case filed to nullify elections, noting warnings issued by the international community and the severe consequences that may be faced by the people of Maldives.

In a press conference held on Saturday, spokesperson to the President-Elect Mariya Ahmed Didi said that, owing to the actions of incumbent President Yameen following the elections, the possibility of foreign intervention gave ample reason for worry.

She went on to call on President Yameen on behalf the President-Elect, to concede defeat and consider the implications on ordinary citizens.

In light of rising concerns over President Yameen’s bid to nullify the result of the presidential elections held on September 23rd, the United States of America issued a warning on Saturday, assuring that “appropriate measures” will be taken against anyone who “undermines a peaceful transfer of power.”

This marks the second such warning issued by the US to Maldives.

Addressing the gathering Mariya urged that these were not simple advisory messages, noting that other countries faced with similar sanctions had not fared well by dismissing them.

Providing examples of even the most basic food and amenities Maldives relied on imports for, she drew attention to the need to protect the living standards of ordinary citizens.

After the President conceded his defeat in a public address to the people, the representing Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) filed a case to nullify the electoral result claiming it had received numerous complaints from Yameen’s supporters.

The constitutional case against the presidential elections held on September 23, was accepted on Thursday by the Supreme Court, and proceedings are scheduled to begin on Sunday.

Since, PPM has ramped up its campaign against the ballot results, by casting doubt over the functional independence of EC, and its integrity.