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DJA lifts suspension of lawyer Hussain Shameem

27 September 2018, MVT 15:53
Lawyer Hussain Shameem
27 September 2018, MVT 15:53

The Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) has lifted the suspension on the former Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem, allowing him to practise law again.

The justices’ council of the Supreme Court suspended lawyer Shaheem for three months on September 13, over activity on his official Twitter account that violated the code of conduct for lawyers.

Shaheem posted a picture of himself reading a copy of the Constitution on a flight while Hassan Najeeb, the judge of the Criminal Court, was asleep in the seat behind him.

This is the third time Shameem was suspended. The first was a two-year suspension in 2015, while the second suspension was a few months after the first suspension was lifted.