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ACC to approve increase in MPL salaries

Lujine Rasheed
27 September 2018, MVT 10:52
Male city buildings - Maldives Ports Limited MPL
Lujine Rasheed
27 September 2018, MVT 10:52

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) handed over the issue of a sudden increase in employee salaries to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

According to sources, the salaries of select employees of MPL are expected to be increased in a board meeting scheduled for Wednesday evening. The board meeting will also discuss other issues pertaining to MPL employees, including the criteria from which MPL employees are eligible to apply for the 'Hiyaa' housing project.

The issue of increasing the salaries was initiated by a band of MPL employees. Additionally, a new set of guidelines was introduced in March 2018 which specified an increase for all MPL employees.

However, these guidelines were only implemented on the salaries of people in high positions of MPL.

According to an ACC official, the issue surrounding the sudden increase in MPL salaries is currently being evaluated.

At the time of the issue being presented to ACC, several complaints about the procedures of various administrations are being made by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

During the MDP national council meeting held on Tuesday, MDP's chairperson Hassan Latheef confirmed that new jobs are being offered to people, even after the elections. Furthermore, MDP requested the prevention of more employees losing jobs.

Additionally, there have been complaints about destruction of state documents presented to the Police. These complaints highlighted the destruction of state documents by select political leaders and requested the police to bring an end to it.

The preliminary results of the presidential election tally at 134,616 votes (58.4 percent) for Solih who represents the opposition coalition, and 96,132 votes (41.6 percent) for incumbent President Yameen. The voter turnout at this year's election was an extraordinary 89.22 percent of the eligible 262,135.