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Civil servants advised against involvement in political activities

19 September 2018, MVT 21:28
Hulhumale rehendhi school teachers-Oppostion candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) Presidential Election 2018-Education
19 September 2018, MVT 21:28

Civil Service Commission (CSC) advised civil servants against the possible use of powers to exert undue influence on political activities during the upcoming election, the following Sunday.

In CSC’s circular, the commission stated that as the constitution clearly stipulated the limitations of government service, civil servants must abide by the rules of conduct and refrain from such involvement in political activities.

The circular was released by the commission following public declarations of support by a large number of civil servants across the country, including teachers and other government employees, for the opposition presidential candidate Mohamed Ibrahim Solih (Ibu).

The commission also urged the civil servants to refrain from referring to their job or position, when expressing personal opinions on media platforms.

In the months leading up to the 2018 presidential elections, several civil servants were reportedly terminated due to their involvement in political activities held by either MDP or the opposition coalition.

Meanwhile, accusations of civil servants being ‘forced’ to attend ruling party activities have also surfaced.