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16 houses compensated for Kulhudhuffushi Airport development: Regional Airports

Lujine Rasheed
19 September 2018, MVT 18:49
During the Kulhudhuffushi Airport opening ceremony. PHOTO/MIHAARU
Lujine Rasheed
19 September 2018, MVT 18:49

Regional Airports announced the compensation of 16 out of 18 houses that need to be emptied in order to build the airport in Kulhudhuffushi , Haa Dhaalu Atoll.

Supplementing the development of the airport in Kulhudhuffushi , the project reclaimed six hectares of the island's lagoon as well as nine hectares of its mangrove lake. The project was extended due to the development of the airport's runway which required the demolishing of 18 houses overlapping the area.

Director General of Regional Airports, Sami Agil, stated that arrangements have been made to compensate the 18 houses that need to be demolished for the development of the airport. However, some owners' disagreement with the finalized amounts of compensation has resulted in the final amount being increased by 25 percent. Following this, 16 houses have been compensated and demolished subsequently.

However, Sami Agil has not disclosed the total amount paid as compensation but assured that the remaining two houses will also be soon paid off with substantial sums of money.

President of the Kulhudhuffushi Island Council, Abdul Latheef Hassan, reported an ongoing court case related to one out of the two remaining houses, and that the houses will be emptied as soon as the case is settled.

According to Abdul Latheef, the relocation of these houses are to be made to the 'Hirafusdhandu' which is located on the east of the island as well as to the empty plot of land opposite to the island's State Trading Organization (STO) building. The relocation is being delayed due to the incomplete paperwork needed for the procedure by the Island Council.

The first test flight landed on the newly built runway at Kulhudhuffushi Airport on Wednesday afternoon.