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No qualms about mitigating sentence for attacker: ex-pres Gayoom

Lujine Rasheed
18 September 2018, MVT 11:43
Mohamed Murushid, who was arrested over an attempted attack on former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.
Lujine Rasheed
18 September 2018, MVT 11:43

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has informed the Clemency Board that he has no qualms towards mitigating the sentence of the individual arrested in connection to a knife attack directed at him from a decade ago.

The attack that took place amidst Maumoon's visit to Hoarafushi, Haa Alifu Atoll, in 2008 during his regime. It resulted in the attacker, Mohamed Murushid, being detained and sentenced for 13 years.

The incident took place during a greeting ceremony held as part of his reception to the island. Maumoon escaped unscathed only upon the heroic actions of a boy scout of Kudahuvadhoo, Mohamed Jaisham, who deterred the attack. He was severely injured in the incident.

Following the attack, Murushid was detained and subsequently sentenced for twelve years under charges of committing a premeditated attack towards an active president, and an additional one year under charges of attempting violence with a sharp object.

According to Maumoon's lawyer, he had revealed his agreeable stance for mitigation only upon the urging of the Clemency Board seeking Maumoon's current stance on the sentence of the attacker.

"Clemency Board requests all victims for their progressing stance towards the attack. Upon a routine request as such, he expressed that he has no qualms towards the mitigation of the sentence given to the attacker", revealed Maumoon's lawyer Ibrahim Shameem.

The Clemency Board is established in accordance with Act No. 2/2010 (Clemency Act) to advise the president on clemency given to detainees. Attorney General is the chair of the Board as per Article 10 of the Act and this Office provides necessary administrative support to assist the Board to execute their responsibilities.

Maumoon is currently serving a jail sentence of 18 months.

The Criminal Court convicted Maumoon of obstructing justice after finding him guilty of deliberately refusing to comply with the police's order to hand over his mobile phone for investigation, after their warrants released on February 1.

On February 5, Maumoon was arrested under allegations of planning to overthrow the government of incumbent President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom . The terrorism charges pressed against Maumoon are currently being looked at by the Criminal Court. If convicted, Maumoon will face jail time of 17 to 20 years.