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Viral 'roadside bag-snatcher' arrested

13 September 2018, MVT 17:32
Viral bag snatching video. PHOTO: SOCIAL MEDIA
13 September 2018, MVT 17:32

Police arrested a suspect connected to the now-viral video of two men seen snatching the handbag of an unsuspecting woman in broad daylight following the issue of a court order.

The media official for Maldives Police Service stated that, a 25-year-old has been identified in connection with the incident and that efforts are underway to find the remaining suspects.

Police began investigating the incident when a video of two men snatching a woman’s purse went viral on social media earlier this September.

The police urge the public to present such videos to the institution instead of sharing it on social media.

As captured on camera, after failing to snatch the bag while driving, the perpetrators block the woman’s motorcycle by parking in front of her and then proceed to snatch her bag as the woman lay trapped by her vehicle tipped over to the side.

The footage also shows onlookers present around the incident, none of whom attempted to stop the crime from taking place.