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Immigration warns expats against hanging campaign flags

Nafaahath Ibrahim
13 September 2018, MVT 08:42
Expatriate workers working to hang up flags of PPM. PHOTO: SOCIAL MEDIA
Nafaahath Ibrahim
13 September 2018, MVT 08:42

Maldives Immigration issued warning against engaging foreigners to hang pennant flags designated for campaign purposes pertaining to the upcoming September 23 election.

Numerous expatriate workers have been seen actively assisting in the hanging up of ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)'s flags and banners as part of the party's extensive campaigning throughout the Maldives. The opposition coalition claims that these expat workers are employees of government companies who are put under obligation to contribute to PPM's campaign.

Maldives Immigration announced that expat workers assisting in any political activity will be deported. Furthermore, their VISAs would be immediately revoked.

The spokesperson from Immigration, Hassan Khaleel, stated that tasks such as hanging up flags belonging to specific parties qualify as a political activity and that no expat workers should be taking part in these tasks.

Khaleel reassured that no leeway will be given to expat workers partaking in any political activities. Immediate action will be taken despite who their employer is.

Meanwhile, a band of expat workers were reportedly sighted hanging up PPM's flags near the harbour North of Male. These sightings were made by shopkeepers and sales assistants of nearby stores.

Immigration's announcement stipulates the involvement of expat workers in political activities as against the rules and regulation of their issued visa.