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Will not touch a single 'coin' from state funds: Ibu

Nafaahath Ibrahim
09 September 2018, MVT 22:04
An aerial view of the crowd gathered at Alimas Carnival area on Saturday night. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI / MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
09 September 2018, MVT 22:04

Opposition coalition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) has declared that he would not touch a single coin from the state funds belonging to the people.

The statement was made during a mass opposition gathering held at Alimas Carnival in the capital city Male' on Saturday night.

The rally was the biggest gathering held by the opposition in three years, and part of the coalition's campaign for the upcoming presidential election slated for September 23.

During his speech, Solih stated that details of the countries to which local islands had been sold nor the amount of money earned by the sale during President Yameen's regime has been revealed.

Solih also pointed out that upon being questioned on the matters, the ruling regime spoke of development, indicating towards the 25-storey Dharumavantha Hospital building, Sinamale Bridge and Velana International Airport as examples of progress.

Solih commented on the funds spent on these projects, stating that the current government, due to multiple loans, is responsible for putting its people in debt. He declared that the only way to scrutinize the extent of the government's corruption would be through the upcoming election.

According to Solih, one can only put people in debts with their consent, and went on to say that he would not touch a "single coin" that belongs to the people of the island nation. Solih also announced that, in an administration of the opposition, the citizens will have a voice in the government and that t the country will be governed in close contact with the people.

Solih further alleged the Maldivian economy has been weakened over the past five years due to the loans, misuse of money and corruption by the current government. He also expressed that the key aspect of small enterprises have been destroyed, driving businessmen to bankruptcy.

The opposition coalition presidential candidate noted on the importance of putting an end to corruption in order to stabilize the local economy.