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Several illegitimate forms were submitted: EC

Shaina Abdulla
16 August 2018, MVT 21:21
re-registration for presidential election 2018 / elections commission
Shaina Abdulla
16 August 2018, MVT 21:21

Elections Commission (EC) has stated that the commission received several illegitimate re-registry forms ahead of the upcoming presidential elections slated for September 23.

EC member Ahmed Akram stated that out of the total 95,000 re-registration submitted, there was foulplay involved in fingerprint identification on several forms. However, Akram did not disclose the number of forms that were rejected due to foul play.

The commission further revealed that EC will work together with the Police in taking steps will against those who submitted illegitimate forms.

A total of 60,000 re-registry forms were submitted during the presidential elections in 2013. However, only 58,000 re-registry forms were accepted. There were a total of 239,165 eligible voters during the 2013 presidential election.

EC revealed that a period of three days will be given to file complaints after processing the submitted re-registry forms.

Due to concerns of possible foul play by political parties, EC had earlier decided that forms will be individually checked and verified by the police.

EC will be placing 491 ballot boxes for the presidential election slated for September 23, while 263,000 individuals have been listed as eligible to vote.