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'President Yameen will not allow heresy in Maldives': running mate

Nafaahath Ibrahim
13 August 2018, MVT 12:27
Dr.Shaheem addressing the campaign gathering at Fuvahmulah. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
13 August 2018, MVT 12:27

Ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)'s running mate for the upcoming election, Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, proclaimed that President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom will not allow heretic beliefs to spread in the country.

While addressing a campaign gathering at Fuvahmulah, Dr. Shaheem stated that the presidential election slated for September 23 will be the most significant one held in the Maldives to date.

Dr. Shaheem said that in this election, Maldivians will choose to maintain Islamic values in the country. He added that among all the candidates, the most deserving one in his opinion is President Yameen.

Praising the works of President Yameen, Dr. Shaheem stressed that no other president has worked as hard as the incumbent president to defend and strengthen Islamic values in Maldives. He noted that during President Yameen's reign, not a single religious scholar was imprisoned for their sermons.

Referring to the opposition candidate, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu), Dr. Shaheem said that the country will not see much progress if inexperienced people were elected as leaders.

Addressing the opposition's claims to establish religious policies in the country, Dr. Shaheem declared that there was nothing new for them to do as the current government has been abiding by all the rules, and added that when the chance was given previously granted, they had failed to make use of it.