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'75 percent of Hulhumale votes secured by President Yameen'

Rae Munavvar
05 August 2018, MVT 15:52
Hordes of PPM supporters turn out for the ruling party campaign held in Hulhumale on August 4, 2018. PHOTO/MIHAARU
Rae Munavvar
05 August 2018, MVT 15:52

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Housing Development Corporation (HDC), Ahmed Bunyaamin, has declared that President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom will secure 75 percent of votes from reclaimed suburb Hulhumale in the upcoming elections.

Hulhumale has been determined as one of the most important stops for this year's elections by all candidates.

The city is already adorned with campaign flags of ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and billboards depicting President Yameen. The party has been actively canvassing throughout the districts of Hulhumale as well.

In a statement given to local news media Mihaaru, Bunyaamin stated that the majority of participants in campaign activities take part because of their undying support and admiration towards President Yameen.

"Everybody is present on their own accord. None of the participants were persuaded nor compelled from our party. Most of the participants in the campaign activities are residents of Hulhumale and not from any other neighboring islands," said Bunyaameen.

According to him, one of the main reasons for the supportive turnout would be the many opportunities granted for the people of Hulhumale by Yameen's administration, specifically due to the increase in job opportunities for the youth of Hulhumale.

"During my tenure at HDC, the company has already provided 200 jobs for the youth demographic of Hulhumale, with an additional 50 spots to be filled in the foreseeable future."

He reported that 85 percent of Hulhumale's civilians are relocated inhabitants from other islands, and that the larger portion of this percentage of people rent houses and apartments in the city.

He further highlighted that during canvassing efforts, one of the most repeated concerns of the people were related to rent payment, and infrequencies pertaining to their national healthcare Aasandha schemes.

According to Bunyaamin, these issues are being addressed and attended to by the PPM campaign offices in order to assist the civilians of Hulhumale.

"After meeting the majority of people living in Hulhumale, we have observed that a lot of people face the issue of financial instability due to the continual payments of rent. For example, someone faced with making a payment of MVR 18,000 as rent would not find it feasible to live in this city. A majority of the people face housing problems," said Bunyaamin.

During the PPM gathering held Saturday, 1,500 participants had reportedly expressed their support and eagerness towards the campaign with a demonstration that involved assembling themselves into the PPM logo in perfect formation. It was a unique activity in comparison to other usual campaign activities.

PPM has hyped up their campaigning for the pending elections by distinctly displaying their flags throughout capital Male City.

The campaign has lead to numerous crossfires between both the ruling party and opposition coalition, and is expected to further take place as voting day approaches.