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MDP pledges to link all inhabited islands within single lagoon

Fathmath Shaahunaz
08 July 2018, MVT 15:44
Aerial view of Laamu Link Road, the causeway that connects the islands of Fonadhoo, Kahdhoo, Maandhoo, Mukurimagu and Gan in Laamu Atoll.
Fathmath Shaahunaz
08 July 2018, MVT 15:44

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has pledged in their manifesto for the upcoming presidential election, to connect inhabited islands found within a single lagoon via causeways.

The main opposition stated that their policy was to establish easy transportation systems between islands and ensure island life, in contrast to the current administration's ideology to centralise the population within a single region.

MDP noted that it had successfully introduced and established a ferry system during their earlier three-year regime. The party stated that the objective of the system was to allow the people to continue to reside in their islands with their families, while easing the provision of various services, goods and passengers between islands.

Some key highlights of MDP's manifesto:

- Establish a ferry terminal in every island

- Introduce supply ferries to transport goods

- Slash the rates of domestic aviation operations

- Expand and develop the guesthouse industry

- Introduce island hotels, boutique hotels and homestay

In its manifesto, MDP highlighted the importance of ensuring security for women in transportation. Declaring that safe transportation systems for the health, families and lives of women was a basic need, the party vowed to provide such ferry systems in its government.

MDP further vowed to decrease the high air fares charged from tourists on domestic flights, in order to expand guesthouse tourism to all corners of Maldives. The manifesto further pledged to connect airports with atoll ferry systems to facilitate easy travel across the archipelago.

The manifesto additionally seeks to lower duty fees and taxes in all inhabited islands, and establish economic centres.