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Supreme Court appoints new Chamber Judge

Shaina Abdulla
04 July 2018, MVT 13:20
Newly appointed Chamber Judge Adam Mohamed Abdulla
Shaina Abdulla
04 July 2018, MVT 13:20

Supreme Cour's Judge Adam Mohamed Abdulla has been appointed as the Chamber Judge of the apex court.

Judge Abdulla was appointed to the post for a period of one year as per the Supreme Court’s regulations, by Chief Justice Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi. According to the court regulations, the Chamber Judge is required to oversee the absences, case withdrawals requests and substitutions of attorneys.

The Chamber Judge is also authorised to accept and reject appeals filed post the limited period, in addition to resolving bail cases and complaints against the Supreme Court Registrar.

Dr. Didi is the third chief justice to be appointed since the permanent Supreme Court's establishment in 2010. The first chief justice, Ahmed Faiz Hussain, was removed from post in 2014 after the number of justices on the top court's bench was decreased following an amendment to the Judicature Act.

Dr. Didi's predecessor, Abdulla Saeed, along with former Supreme Court judge, Ali Hameed, were stripped of their posts last week, when they were found guilty of undue influence on the judiciary after the appeal process was exhausted. A recent amendment to the Judicature Act states that any judge convicted of a criminal offence, would automatically lose their post should their conviction be upheld by an appellate court. Previously the Act stipulated a vote by the parliament to remove a judge from post.