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Only one complaint lodged so far regarding voters' registry: EC

Farah Ahmed
13 June 2018, MVT 14:11
Electoral monitors at a polling station in the capital Male during the Local Council Election held May, 2017. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Farah Ahmed
13 June 2018, MVT 14:11

The Elections Commission (EC) on Wednesday said that the commission has only received one complaint regarding the voters’ registry so far, and urged the public to submit their grievances as soon as possible.

There are 263,000 eligible voters in the voters registry publicised last week for the upcoming presidential election slated for September 24.

The public has until June 20 to submit any complaints regarding the list.

According to commission member Ahmed Akram, the complaint that was lodged so far was regarding a deceased person listed on the registry.

There may be similar issues on the voters registry, Akram said, reiterating that the eligible voters should check the registry thoroughly.

“We wanted to publicise the voters registry as soon as possible so that the public could file complaints. If anyone’s name is not on the list, they will not be able to vote. Therefore, it is very important to check the registry comprehensively,” Akram said.

The commission had earlier said that it had used the Department of National Registration’s (DNR) data as a basis to compile the voters registry. The EC had warned that deceased people may be on the list, and that it is likely that children under the age of 18 may also be on the list.

Concerned citizens can submit complaints to the EC bureau in capital Male, and to their respective island councils.

The EC will publicise an amended list after June 20; it will open for amendments once more before publicising the final voters’ list.

Before concluding, Akram highlighted that registration process for the vote would also begin soon.