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PG withdraws case of elderly man accused of molesting four sisters

12 June 2018, MVT 23:21
The 75-year-old man, who was accused of sexually molesting four sisters in an island of Gaafu Dhaal atoll, pictured riding on a motorbike in capital Male.
12 June 2018, MVT 23:21

The Prosecutor General (PG) has withdrawn the case of the 75-year-old man who was accused of sexually molesting four sisters in an island in Gaafu Dhaalu atoll.

The man was arrested last November. His case was first filed at the island’s court in February. However, before the hearings commenced, the PG had withdrawn the case late March, stating that it wanted to review the case further.

The PG office did not reveal any further details.

The elderly man was also accused of adultery and having a regular affair with a married woman.

Reportedly, after he was released from custody the man continued to work in his shop in the island.

The man was supposedly a respected businessman in the island. According to the eldest sister who he allegedly molested, he had begun abusing the children some 12-years ago. There were more children that he molested during this time, she claimed.

The 75-year-old man had built the house that the girls and their mother was living, and helped them out financially, which made them reluctant to speak out against the abuse earlier.