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February 1 ruling: "an unforgivable act", Prez Yameen claims

Farah Ahmed
29 May 2018, MVT 12:04
President Abdulla Yameen welcoming new members to PPM at a meeting held in PPM's official hub in the capital Male on May 28, 2018. PHOTO: PPM
Farah Ahmed
29 May 2018, MVT 12:04

The Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on February 1 ordering the release nine political detainees was an unforgivable act of defiance, President Abdulla Yameen claimed Monday night.

Speaking at a meeting held at ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)'s main hub in capital Male to welcome new members to the party, the president said that the actions of former Police Commissioner and some top judges on February 1 were fundamentally deplorable.

Opposition politicians had involved the country’s highest and most esteemed authorities in maintaining law and order in their “selfish” plans, President Yameen said.

“These are direct violations of the state’s rights. By taking action that directly contradicts the Constitution, these politicians are selfishly trying to brighten their own future. It would be wrong and unwise to think that these people would do good once they reach their targets since their actions were unconstitutional to begin with,” the incumbent president said.

The Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling on February 1 was later overturned by three of its judges after they realised that there were discrepancies in the ruling, President Yameen had claimed.

Following the state of emergency that was declared on February 5 after the top court ruling, Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed and Chief Justice Abdullah Saeed, along with Judicial Administrator Hassan Saeed were arrested from the premises of the Supreme Court. After the police became the first state institution to back the unprecedented ruling, Police Commissioner Ahmed Areef was also arrested and sacked.

President Abdulla Yameen pictured with the new PPM members who officially joined the party on May 28, 2018. PHOTO: PPM

Taking a dig at the opposition leaders who are currently in exile, the president said that they are grossly inept if they flee the country in fear of being sentenced, instead of facing what may come.

Speaking about maintaining public harmony, President Yameen said that there have been 57 murders in the Maldives since 2012. This is uncharacteristic and an unacceptable amount for a small Muslim community, he claimed, adding that a lot takes places in the Maldives that would be disheartening to those who favour peace and stability.

He said that these are things that all citizens who favour democratic values should think about, and that violence towards people with different ideologies is not a democratic solution.

The president went on to allege that the Maldives plummeted into discord after certain principles were introduced in the guise of democracy. Sadly, it was the youth who got affected by this the most, he alleged.

President Yameen said that his administration has been working tirelessly to revive the community and that the Maldives is currently seeing an unparalleled time of perseverance and progress.

Before concluding, the president claimed that the development of four more airports across the Maldives would be handed over this week. He also said that the Maldives’ economy is currently stable enough to be able to pay off its international debts, and underlined the importance of maintaining the country’s sovereignty. He said that the state would not accept anyone who tries to undermine the Maldives’ autonomy.