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Maldives is next focus for viral videographer 'Nas Daily'

Fathmath Shaahunaz
13 May 2018, MVT 17:08
Nuseir Yassin, popularly known as Nas, is famous for the daily one-minute informational videos he posts on his Facebook page "Nas Daily". PHOTO/NAS DAILY
Fathmath Shaahunaz
13 May 2018, MVT 17:08

Viral videographer Nuseir "Nas" Yassin, who has gained international fame for the daily informational videos he shares on his Facebook page "Nas Daily", is currently in the Maldives.

The Harvard grad travels the world creating one-minute videos on the places he visits and people he meets. He arrived in the Maldives on Saturday afternoon, announcing the island nation as the focus of his new video.

Nas revealed on his official page that he would be spending four days at the resorts, and two in capital Male. Inviting all interested locals to join in the making of his video, Nas stated that the location of the shoot would be the Republic Square in the city, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. coming Friday.

The local response to Nas' announcement has been exuberant, with many Maldivian fans expressing interest and enthusiasm for the project.

The 25-year-old Palestinian Israeli had quit his job as a software engineer in New York, USA in 2016 to pursue his passion for making videos. What started out as a simple process involving only his family members has since expanded into an international phenomenon. Nas, who appears in his daily one-minute videos wearing the same tee-shirt to bring extraordinary stories from around the world, now has a following of over six million on his Facebook page, while his videos boast viewer hits of over 100 million.